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Navigating Website Efficiently

Date : October 12, 2012

Navigation is a vital element in any website. A web agency who neglects the importance of navigation should be regarded as failure. Navigating is not simply a way for each visitor to go to carious kind of contents, it is also one method to make the visitor stay as long as possible. Most web agency is too occupied with how to make the site as beautiful as possible while forgetting that reason. Web agency should know that most web users are too impatient to find what they want slowly. That is why, navigation should be thought at the very beginning before a web agency constructs the whole website. A navigation must be easy to operate and find. Hence web agency will be able to prevent high bounce rate of web site that has been made. Avoiding this simple reasoning will lead a web agency into astray. One way to make navigation a lot easier is by putting the buttons on the place where they are usually be assigned to.  

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