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Relation Between SEO and Digital Marketing

Date : February 05, 2015

Relation Between SEO and Digital Marketing

In the last few years, there was an increased from companies to use digital marketing as their strategy to improve their productivity. There are 2 marketing methods that a company usually use in digital area, SEO and PPC (Pay per Click). This two methods is an online strategy that able to drive traffic pointing to your site.

As a part of digital marketing, there are several ways to improve your website productivity with SEO:

  1. Your Website

This is where every possibility will take place, just like your online showcase. Products or services from your company will be publishing here. It should be a big investment on your website because it will lead you to conversion for the company.

  1. Online advertising

With PPC advertising and SEO, it is a good combination as SEO can inform for PPC campaigns about the keywords to convert. The use of online advertising always performs well for brand awareness and visibility on business websites and banners.

  1. Email Marketing

This part of digital marketing still work well and it still used widely in businesses. Email marketing also showing great return on investment for businesses. If your company using SEO as online strategy, it will be good if SEO and email marketing combine to work together as your online strategy. You can fill your email content to create persuasive email with your targeted keyword for your customer. High quality content in email will delivering your valuable content directly to your customer. Email marketing is important to get what your company offering in front of the customers.

  1. Public Relations

The function of public relations is to get your company products or services being notice. PR will drive people to see your products or services and also will drive website traffic by using news release.

  1. Content

Content in your website need to be attractive so your website’s visitor interest to information that you are trying to offer to them. You should add informative content so your visitor will feel there will be value for them. In the perspective of SEO, a good content should be relevance with the website, so if you want to gain traffic with your targeted visitor you should make your content and website more valuable to them.

  1. Social Media

Every strategy for your digital marketing area, need to be communicated through social media to engage your customer. Social media as a networking platform, it will help to make it viral especially if you have great content and your visitor/customer willing to share to others.

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