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Web Hit Counter

Date : September 14, 2012

For web agency, web hit counter should be the first thing that cross on their mind because this feature can shows how many people has visited their website. This information can become one option in selling the website thus web agency can show to their client that the web is extremely useful and good. Because of the same reason, there is a number of web agency that tries to cheat it hence it will have million hit counter numbers. This trend is not good for honest web agency which is why they left this feature and swap to Google analytic. Beside the ability to be cheated, web hit counter also cannot work accurately. If there is one visitor is coming to the website two or three times at the same time then the feature will also count it two or three times not just one. Do not only that, web hit counter also do not have the ability to bring comprehensive analysis. Those reasons are enough for web agency to throw web hit counter out of service.

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