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Writing SEO Articles

Date : December 03, 2010

Internet users grew rapidly this year in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Therefore more and more companies started to redesign their “old” websites or create a new website if they did not have one. However as we have discussed before in our previous knowledgebase articles, a good company’s website is pretty much useless when there is no visitors to view the website.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how you can increase the traffic to your website through SEO. One of the most important factor that determines how a website is ranked first is Google is the keywords that are used in their website. Therefore it is important to optimize your website for the keywords that you want your visitors to find you in Google. You can optimize your website in Google by writing good SEO articles. However there are a few points that you may need to know before writing an SEO article:

1.  You need to find interesting topics that are relevant to your website. You need to make sure that the topics are useful for your visitors too.

2. Start writing the article and make sure that you can emphasize on the keyword that you want to be optimized for your website.

3. Make sure that the article is not too long, an ideal SEO article should have around 250 – 500 words per article.

4. Once you have completed writing your article, make sure that you go through your article and edit any grammar mistake that you might have made. While editing the article, you can try to remove unnecessary words that are irrelevant to your website and replace them with relevant keywords.

5. Provide a link back to your website in the article that you just wrote.

6. Give a good title for the article that you just wrote that allow internet users to know what the article is all about before reading the article. Once you have decided on the title, make sure that the title is placed in the meta title and also the title should appear in the URL of the article.

7. Publish your article to your website and hope that it attracts many reads. If your article is really good and useful, some might link their website to your article which give you a backward link.

We hope that this information is useful for those of you who want to optimize their website in search engine, or you can contact Web Architect – Professional Web Design Company in Jakarta, Indonesia if you need to order our article writing services.

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