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Cipta Krida Bahari

Company : Cipta Krida Bahari  |  Brand : Cipta Krida Bahari  |  Date : April 10, 2018  |  URL : http://ckb.co.id/Website Design, Responsive Web Design, Website Development


CKB Logistics’ story is parrallel to the rise of free trade in Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago is rich in resources but lacks accessibility, hence on 9th May 1997, PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Logistics Group) was founded as the logistics arm of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo to help businesses in Indonesia get their goods and services where they need to be. In 2010, PT ABM Investama Tbk took over TMT ‘s share in the company and became a major shareholder of CKB Logistics.

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