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CP Prima

Company : PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk  |  Brand : CP Prima  |  Date : April 26, 2016  |  URL : http://www.cpp.co.idPhotography & Art Direction, Copywriting, Website Design, Parallax Scrolling, Responsive Web Design, Front-End Development, Content Management System


PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) is a leading aquaculture company in Indonesia. They are the dominant integrated aquaculture shrimp and foods producer company selling feed, fry, pet food, probiotics, and shrimp products and processed food products for domestic and export markets.

To accomplish CPP's plan to revamp their online presence, WEBARQ collaborated with FLIQ to produce a whole new and improved visual image through professional art direction and photography. We did a 6-day photo session on various sites across Jakarta, Lampung, and Surabaya to capture the intricate processes involved in CP Prima's main business unites of Farm & Hatchery, Feed, and Food. WEBARQ then assembled a responsive website that truly reflects CP Prima's company's standing.

CP Prima Website


CP Prima Industrial Photography


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