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Hypermart Online Store

Company : PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk  |  Brand : Hypermart  |  Date : July 25, 2017  |  URL : https://shop.hypermart.co.idWebsite Design, Responsive Web Design, Ecommerce, Website Development


Originated in Indonesia on 2004, Hypermart is a local retailer that has achieved international standards. With over 100 outlets today, Hypermart claims to be the No. 1 Multi Format Food Retail in Indonesia. This highly popular network of hypermarket not only offers department store that carries food product, they also include supermarkets that sells clothing, electronics, sports equipments, and other daily neccessities. 

WEBARQ's role is to build a responsive Ecommerce site for Hypermart that lives up to its offline reputation. Customers can now shop Hypermart's wide range of products conveniently online. 

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