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Company : PT Finansia Multifinance  |  Brand : Kreditplus  |  Date : July 17, 2018  |  URL : https://www.kreditplus.com/Website Design, Responsive Web Design, Website Development


PT. Finansia Multi Finance is a company which had been operating in the financing industry since 1994 and received its business license from the Finance Ministry (now Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) in accordance to letter No.460/KMK.017/1994 released  on14 September 1994.

Since 1994 PT. Finansia Multi Finance had built the brand Kreditplus to focus on financing automotives and heavy machinery. Within our 24 years of business, Kreditplus has prioritised the fulfilment of our customer's needs and their comfort in using our services. To fulfil these two priorities, strating in 2014 Kreditplus had begun a process of digitalisation with the aim of becoming the best digital finance provider in Indonesia.

PT Finansia Multifinance - Kreditplus Mobile

Kreditplus Mobile is a mobile-based application that you can use to apply for credit product services from Kreditplus (PT Finansia Multifinance). You can apply for a BPKB Motor and Car Cash Collateral Loan, submit your Credit Ceiling and submit an Electronic Installment. In addition to proposing various credit services, various features of Kreditplus can help you to live #More. Creditplus Mobile features include, access to the nearest branch location, installment simulations, installment information, status of submissions, payment reminders, payment in applications, promotional information, and reading financial blogs. All of these features you can enjoy with just a touch of a finger on Kreditplus Mobile

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