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PT. White Dove Indonesia

Company : PT. White Dove Indonesia  |  Brand : PT. White Dove Indonesia  |  Date : November 16, 2018  |  URL : http://wdindonesia.com/Website Design, Responsive Web Design, Website Development


PT WD Indonesia Manufactures and distributes Premium – Quality abrasives products to all our valued customers. As a result of our innovative company culture, WD has became a reputable brand for abrasives cutting and grinding wheels in Indonesia. Since our founding in 1999, WD Indonesia has built enduring-business bond with numerous corporate and industries by prioritize customer satisfaction.

Certified by the ISO 9001, MPA Hannover and European Standard 12413, we are determined to supply products of exceptional quality to our customers. To carry the “WD” brand, an abrasives wheel must not only endure the rigors of the work, but it must also get the job done with precision.

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