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Tanoto Foundation

Company : Yay. Bhakti Tanoto  |  Brand : Tanoto Foundation  |  Date : September 14, 2017  |  Website Design, Responsive Web Design, Parallax Scrolling, Website Development, Content Management System


The Tanoto Foundation was founded on the founders' beliefs, Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto, that every human being has equal rights in obtaining a better life. The main effort in getting a better life is education. Education can not run alone, but must be supported by empowerment that can maximize the economic potential of individuals, households and communities. Furthermore, education and empowerment require support from the environment, both in the form of infrastructure and social capital, so that people can improve the quality of life. Therefore, based on the founder's belief and the desire to contribute to the country and the nation of Indonesia focused Tanto Foundation programs on Education sector, Empowerment sector and Life Quality Improvement sector.

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